Portfolio Update: Feb. 23, 2021

To the tune of Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week”: It’s been a super long time, since I’ve been here.

RIP, lol.

On the bright side, I’m finally updating all my portfolio projects and pages! Turns out, if your USB connector stops fitting in your external hard-drive where half of your work is saved, it fucks things up! For longer than you might think it will! It’s been almost a whole year since it decided to do this to me.


I made it fit again 🙂

I’m so fueled by rage at technology, just call me Rage Against Technology at this point, lol.

And I’ve made solid progress – a solid majority of my projects are back in my drafts as I ensure all my mockups and prose are up to standards. There are a bunch of projects I’m excited to put up and I can’t wait until I start publishing everything!

My projects and work should come back with an all-new tagging system to better sort through everything; I’m trying to separate my college work from my internship projects and professional projects, and also print work from digital, etc, etc. It’s a process and I’m still finetuning everything for best practice moving forward.

I’m also planning on rewriting my About and Contact pages, so this should be the only real content on here until I can get everything up to snuff. That should be a blast, lol. No, but I am working on upping the quality of, for example, my job history and descriptions, I want to highlight some classes I took, and see if I can’t add some certifications at some point too! No spoilers on that last one just yet though ;P

Hopefully, you’ll hear from me again in a week, after successfully publishing approximately a million projects and pages!

And yes, that is a rough estimate of how many things I have in my drafts right now (not really lol, but you should see all the folders and subfolders for projects on my computer right now).