The trenches of ideas are more important than trenches of stone. – Jose Marti


When the subject of a project is yourself, you get nervous, right? The goal was to create an eight-page magazine, a minizine if you will, all about myself – even the advertisements had to relate back to me somehow. To that end, TRENCHES was born, an edgy fashion-like magazine inspired by WIRED magazine.

Within the magazine was a creative piece created from a quote attributed to the late Carrie Fisher, one of my personal heroes for more than just being Princess Leia. In addition, there are two articles – one an interview with my mom, the other a research article on Rottweilers that goes into the history of the dog breed before moving onto my own story with Rottweilers – and two full-page advertisements.

The name TRENCHES comes from a quote I’m fond of: “trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stone.” Besides the cover image, I had chosen and placed all of the images based off what I already had – my favorite picture of my mom, the best picture of my sister, and the dopiest picture of one of our dogs I had. The cover image is one I took using a timer, a tripod, and a blank wall for the background. I went through several iterations of it that all contained small but vital differences before settling on the final image.


Winter 2016-17
Magazine, Photography, Text Formatting