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Charleston, SC

There is no city on Earth quite like Charleston. From the time I first came there in 1961, it’s held me in its enchanter’s power, the wordless articulation of its singularity, its withheld and magical beauty. Wandering through its streets can be dreamlike and otherworldly, its alleyways and shortcuts both fragrant and mysterious, yet as haunted as time turned in on itself. – Pat Conroy


A one-page website doesn’t sound too complicated to make, but when it comes time to create one for your home town – things get messy. Created using HTML and CSS – and just a little bit of jQuery – Charleston is an introduction to the oldest city in the state of South Carolina. It features a full-page photograph of the streets of the city before giving way to a short introduction, a selection of things to do in the city, and, finally, some basic facts including mayor, population, and location.


Spring 2016
Web Design, HTML, CSS


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