Food Truck

Kilauea Aha’aina

I think every chef should have a food truck. It’s a good way to test the markets, to invest in meeting the future restaurant goers. – Jose Andres


When designing a food truck, one needs to account for the target market, competition, and, most importantly, location. Kilauea Aha’aina (pronounced KEE-luh-way-uh ah-ha-EYE-ee-NA) was designed to roam Providence, RI and attract tourists and the adventure-minded.

But why name it Kilauea Aha’aina? Essentially, an aha’aina is what a luau (loo-OW) today is, but the term was used before any outsiders travelled to the islands. With the evolution within the Hawaiian language over time, the term eventually gave way to others such as luau. Kilauea, on the other hand, is simply the name of a volcano. The goal was that the food truck would bring a new experience to people and not be associated overly with the typical “Hawaiian” experience with tiki’s, grass skirts, and plastic leis. It’s something new, something real, and it tastes as good as it looks.

With a menu full of authentic Hawaiian-cuisine, this food truck brings a luau everywhere they roll. The identifying piece for Kilauea Aha’aina is the illustrated lei of plumeria flowers in bright, but not over-the-top colors, featured on everything from the truck to the food packages, to the menu, and a tiny piece of it for the logo.


Winter 2016-17
Branding, Print Design, Illustration


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